Thursday, April 29, 2010

'Ava's Pink Owls'

Having lived with these pretty owls for a little while now, I am both happy and sad to see them fly off to their new home. It is always so exciting to see them in their intended environment and also to be part of the joy of the actual hand-over. However having been their 'mother' since the first brush stroke it is also hard to see them leave my 'studio nest'. Each painting becomes such a part of me & life.

Title: "Ava's Pink Owls"
Date: 29 April, 2010
Size: 1.2m x 1m

The bright colour palette was set in harmony with Ava's room and I was happy to be able to incorporate the curtain fabric as part of the foliage in the actual painting. For the rest of the leaves I used Japanese rice paper (the pale pink) and a stunning cerise 'flocked paper' (wonderful texture). 
The Swedish wallpaper on Ava's walls is from 'Sandbergs Tapeter' and served as my inspiration for the soft curvy line-work.

The painting is being handed over today - right after I finish this post in fact, and I am hoping that Ava and her family will be happy with the result. I look forward to sharing pictures of the painting after it has been framed and hung.

Have a great day all!

x Charlotta


Hope Chella said...

precious :)

The Shiny Pebble said...

This is so adorable and loving at the same time. You are so talented! Can't wait to see it in her room. I am sure she loved it!!!

Anonymous said...

Charlotta, your work is lovely and I really enjoy your use of patterns.
Thank you for your email earlier this month-it really helped me.

vicki archer said...

They will be delighted, your work is just lovely. Enjoy the weekend, xv.

Charlotta Ward said...

Hi everyone and thank you so much for your sweet comments.

Then hand-over went well and the Client was very happy! (yay!)
I am always so nervous before I hand over a piece and I was very relieved and happy with the overwhelming response/reaction I got at the 'reveal'.

The painting looks great in the room and once it has been framed and hung I will pop back to snap some shots for reference. I'll show you guys once done.

Hope - thank you.

Catherine - yes, these owls are very snuggly. It is meant to be Ava and her mother. :)

Leslie - I am so glad my email helped you. I have been thinking of you and hope you feel the support that is coming from all over the world. Thank you for letting me know it reached you. xx

Vicki - Thank you for your sweet words. I hope you are having a lovely weekend too.

xx Charlotta

Carla said...

HI Charlotta, your work is beautiful. What a talent you are and so original .carla x

Louise (Table Tonic) said...

Ummm...gorgeous!?!? And so biiiig. Yumyum.
Sounds like you nailed it.
Well done. And happy weekend!

Charlotta Ward said...

Hi Carla - thank you so much for your comment. Am very happy you like my work.

x Charlotta

Charlotta Ward said...

Hi Louise - thanks hon. Yes this is a big one. :)
The size is needed to penetrate the bold colours and pattern in the curtains.
We've just added a couple of gorgeous bird cages as well as some hand stitched birds to go inside to the room and it is starting to come together now.
I will share photos of the finished room asap.

x Charlotta

HelĂ´ Lelis said...

Dear Charlotta,
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