Monday, February 15, 2010

"Pink Elephant & Friends" and "Flowery Lion & Friends"

Hello hello! Whilst in Sweden recently I was commissioned by a local Client to create a set of paintings for her twin grand-daughters. The brief was to make two similar, but not identical, motifs in typically 'girly' colours, with a mix of little animals, mushrooms, flowers etc. Here's what I came up with..

Title: "Pink Elephant & Friends"
Date: 16 December, 2009

Title: "Flowery Lion & Friends"
Date: 16 December, 2009

The image quality (resolution) is not great - apologies if they are a tad blurry.

x Charlotta


Jen (Melei) said...

aawww, they are supercute, you are soooooooooooooooo good!

Love Peace Pionies said...

loooove it!!!!

Charlotta Ward said...

Hi girls and thanks for your enthusiastic comments! It makes me so happy when I hear positive feedback like this and gives me such a creative boost!

Big hug and happy weekend to you!


LINDA from OEKE said...

what lucky girls they are to have such stylish, lovely art in their rooms. i love your style. so happy. so fun. so stylish.

Charlotta Ward said...

Hi Linda and thank you for your comment.
I am so happy you like my art and your sweet words really warmed my heart.
I love what I do and really care about the little kids who end up with the paintings. It means the world to me that they are happy.

These two hang in a room of little twin girls in Stockholm, Sweden. They received them as a gift from their grandmother, and it was very moving to hear her recite the excitement that they were met with when handed over last January. :)

x Charlotta


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