Wednesday, August 19, 2009

"Fox and the Bird Tree"

Title: "Fox and the Bird Tree"
Date: February, 2008


Anonymous said...

VILKA FINA tavlor du gör!


Charlotta Ward said...

Tack Erica!
Jag gor tavlor och vaggmalningar i alla former for barn (ibland stora barn..).

MALVINI FF said...

Hi Charlotta,

You make beautiful illustrations!!!!
I followed graphic design, but I'm not an illustrator! I think it's wonderful to be able to have someting in your head and put it on paper or canvas. My field is more asambling and using the right fonts. ...


Charlotta Ward said...

Thank you!
I wish I had done Graphic Design at uni. I did not one but two uni degrees.. so perhaps I should be satisfied with that.. :)
I have however recently started thinking about going back to the school bench and do an Illustrator and Photoshop course. I so would like to develop my computer design skills.

What would life be without continuous learning!?!

x Charlotta


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